Managed Renting Solution

The solution in a nutshell: With the managed renting solution from ALSO, you can easily and efficiently change your supply model to move towards consumptional business or managed services, and offer your customers your full portfolio without high investment costs.

The end customer profile

  • Target segment: cross-industry
  • Target group: end customers who want to pay for their ICT needs using a pay per use model; resellers who want to explore the MSP approach in more depth
  • Size: projects starting at €1,000 are ideal for getting started.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

  • ALSO vendors: ALSO Financial Services GMBH, BNP, Deutsche Leasing, HP Finance, Mercator, Targo Leasing
  • ALSO products: Flexible MSP rental models, residual value leasing, terminable leasing, hire purchase, sale & lease back, framework agreements, Microsoft leasing, and much more.
  • Reseller services: Cloud Services, your own managed services, consultancy, hardware delivery, classic system supplier business, can be flexibly integrated into financing contracts.

Value added

  • Easy to plan monthly rates on a pay per use basis instead of a one-off investment
  • Different depreciation products in one contract, fully tax deductible
  • Flexibly scalable rates by adding/removing hardware, software and/or services as required during the contract period.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?


The management can focus entirely on the company’s liquidity plan and, at the same time, can improve the balance sheet figures as there is no burden on the fixed assets and equity ratio compared to the purchase.


CFOs can keep an eye on the budget thanks to fully predictable monthly costs as part of a pay per use concept.

IT management

The IT management no longer has the burden of managing and marketing used hardware, so they can focus on day-to-day operations.


All employees are always equipped with the latest technology.

The ALSO Managed Renting Solution in detail

Imagine you could easily offer every solution from the ALSO Solutions Business Team range as a service. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? You could offer any area that only one customer is interested in without having to make any high initial investments. Good news: This is now possible!

The Managed Renting Solution can be divided up into two broad spheres:

As a separate solution, the Finance Solution allows end customers to make a monthly payment. The details of the contract are irrelevant and even third party purchases can be taken into account. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with complex project business.* Simply put, this part of the solution for resellers means that ALSO will help out with project financing, even if there is perhaps not enough of a credit limit.

The second part of the solution revolves around the ‘as a service’ approach, as already described. Through this, existing solutions business with this “building block” can be offered as a service easily and flexibly, and billed as required.

This allows you to transform into a Managed Service Provider without needing to take any risks.

*There must be a remarketing option for certain products.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

The term “all-round carefree package” has already been used a lot, but this solution is a prime example of it. Through your development towards becoming a consumptional business and MSP, the end customer benefits not only from the continuous availability of new hardware or software, but also from the ability to expand, link and change their contracts easily – all without much additional outlay. The end customer only pays for what they need. Comprehensive support options result in massive value added advantages.

Value added for ALSO partners

One thing should be very clear by now: with the Managed Renting Solution you can develop solid customer loyalty that does not easily falter. You always have the opportunity to supply customers with new technologies and new services before the end of the contract, to create a smooth transition over to a new contract. The fact that development takes place online and 24/7 (including the offer, credit checks, contract), makes the solution a paragon of simplicity.

Other things that make the life of the reseller easier:

✓ Products can be obtained from different suppliers independent of ALSO
✓ Optimal lifecycle management with corresponding customer loyalty
✓ Commission and attractive buy-back options as well as collection of reseller fees are possible
Refinanced reseller leases can be provided with the reseller’s logo
✓ The unit prices for hardware, software and your services are not shown, so there is less price transparency and a competitive advantage for you.

No matter which solution you want to offer “as a service”, you will benefit from expert support and customised advice

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