IT Equipment for Education

The solution in a nutshell: Promotion of digital learning has many levels to it, all of which are made straightforward and easy to implement by this new ALSO Solution, which also leads students, teachers, administrators and all the decision makers down the path to digitisation.

The end customer profile

This solution is aimed at all institutions in the education sector. In addition to schools, this also includes universities, adult education centres and various types of academies. A size of between 100 and 5,000 students is ideal.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

  • Vendors: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, diverse (see product areas)
  • Product areas: network infrastructure, unified communication, end devices, platforms, whiteboards, projection solutions, and much more.
  • Services: consulting, analysis, wlan coverage, installation, operation, support.

Value added (for the user)

  • Promotion of digital learning through innovative technologies and devices.
  • More satisfied and motivated teachers and students thanks to the latest digital learning environments.
  • Use of interactive services such as location-based notifications.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (tco) through automated management and the use of solutions with high security standards.
  • Secure and stable network and communications infrastructure in one effective and scalable system.

Possible applications

Whether it’s at a school, university, adult education centre, vocational or technical academy, ALSO’s solution for IT equipment in an educational environment has the same effect on every type of educational facility: it gives digitisation a face and makes it directly usable on-site.

In practice, this means, among other things that students can network with one another or with their teachers and lecturers and can exchange ideas digitally. As a result, different learning platforms can be linked together. The administration benefits from the solution because it is a unified system that includes monitoring, management and support.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?


can quickly and easily adapt their lessons and use experience-based learning methods.


are integrated into lessons better and in a more up-to-date manner, and benefit from the individual blended learning principle with 1:1 support.

Decision makers and administrative staff

gain access to the top didactic methods, can promote digital learning technologies, and can simultaneously rely on high security standards.

The ALSO solution for IT equipment in education in detail

Integrated learning, or blended learning, is a new “hybrid” form of learning. It combines virtual and real methods and learning scenarios. The internet obviously plays a major role in this.

That’s why the first step to getting this solution is ensuring the internet access is sufficient to provide a comprehensive digital learning world. Various tools and software solutions help both students and teachers, as well as the general administration of educational institutions, to simplify their processes and expand their digital work.

The various components of the solution are all offered separately so that each customer can select the components that they feel are relevant for them and their customers.

It all starts with the internet

Comprehensive LAN and WLAN coverage with standardised access and priority management systems are the be-all and end-all for the new generation of teaching and learning. Comprehensive WLAN coverage allows suboptimal conditions to be located quickly and improved. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, for example, even offers fully automated configurations and self-repairing systems for processes that are as easy as possible. Other solution components that relate to internet access are IoT management, outdoor technology, location-based services and remote access points.

Centralised management in an easy-going style

Monitoring, management and support: all combined into one intuitive management system that makes things a lot easier. Standardised guidelines for the various profiles within an educational facility (administration, students, teachers) enable a consistently high standard of security. The use of various digital learning applications can be assessed and optimised using access controls and usage analysis. Messages can also be sent out to all devices via a central notification server, which ensures safe learning. Another advantage: ALSO partners can offer monitoring and support as a managed service and therefore provide added value. Your ALSO contact will be happy to help you to define your managed services.

Mobile devices, PCs, tablets, innovative conference technology including furniture, video communication, smartboards/whiteboards, projection solutions, screens and projectors, managed print services, AR and mixed reality – the list of devices that can be used is long.

Staff are equipped with office and special equipment, students and teachers with personal devices, the use of which is optimised through simplified control processes. BYOD and secure mobility make individual blended learning with 1:1 support a part of everyday life at schools and universities.

In this context it is also worth mentioning the ALSO Smart Meeting Room and the ALSO Augmented Reality Solution .

Collaborative learning works best when using shared platforms. Students and teachers can use the solution components to learn digitally together – even when they are out of school. In addition to data availability, this also involves social networks and video calls for sharing information.

Practical learning experiences and gamification also redefine the learning process. Components that also allow you to communicate in compliance with the GDPR include Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ and MS Teams. To help you to keep track of things, applications are authorised individually. A standardised dashboard can be used to assess application usage statistics quickly and easily. Remote access also offers a seamlessly integrated user experience.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

The trends relating to digital learning are growing steadily, and with them the expectations of teachers and students, together with the challenges of bringing everything under one roof. The levels that are relevant and require consideration are complex. Firstly, the solution offers a system that enables a secure and stable network and communications infrastructure that can be expanded and adjusted at any time. This makes the work of all employees much easier. The solution also makes it significantly easier to integrate new technologies into advanced training processes. In addition, curricula and digital content can be accessed on the go and this enables students to work more flexibly and to communicate better. The solution helps with the shift away from outdated teaching methods over to educational facilities with modern models:

Pictures on blackboards, books, worksheets Whiteboards, digital materials, VR/AR
Reading and writing Using new communicative skills and developing digital skills
Teaching from the front, theory, passive learning Experience-based, immersive and interactive learning, hands-on courses and seminars, laboratories and simulations for all subjects

ALSO partners can improve what they offer with the solution for IT equipment for educational facilities

As an integrated solution from the tables and projectors to the collaboration platform, ALSO partners have the ideal basis to be able to get on board at various points. The IT portfolio for education should be viewed as a catalogue from which tried and tested individual solutions can be selected. Every area of an educational establishment has something that could benefit from moving over to the world of digital learning.

As things continue, it will of course be possible for resellers and system suppliers to refine the solution with some of their own services. This includes, for example, staging, installation and monitoring or even ALSO Workplace as a Service and managed print services.

The ALSO IoT Location Services Solution can also be used on campuses and in particularly large institutions. This ensures better orientation through intuitive navigation and positioning, so users can get to their destination faster.

Setting up and customising learning platforms and managing them for the customer are also attractive services. Have you identified specific educational needs? Then get started with our solution. We will be happy to advise you on how best to meet your unique customer requirements.

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