IoT Workplace+ Solution Accelerator

The solution in a nutshell: This solution not only helps to optimise office environments in terms of their capacity and atmosphere, but also includes everything you need to get started in the IoT business quickly and easily.

The end customer profile

Target segment: Users and administrators of office and work environments
Area: Workplaces, conference rooms, open spaces, co-working spaces.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: AllThingsTalk, ALSO

Products: LoRaWAN gateway, IoT sensors, ALSO IoT Platform subscription, app

Services: Consulting, coverage, installation, managed services relating to the solution.

Value added

  • Very easy installation out of the box
  • Use of collected data to optimise spaces
  • Increased efficiency and utilisation of office environments
  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Possible applications

Flexibility and mobility have long been an issue in the world of work due to a variety of factors. This means that office concepts such as open space offices or co-working spaces are now part of day-to-day life. The level of workplace quality and employee satisfaction can be further improved by creating a healthy environment using the Workplace+ solution. This solution can also help to analyse and optimise the efficiency and utilisation of the premises.

Checking capacities can play as important a role as the measurement of air quality and noise levels.

Possible optimisation measures can be derived from the collected data without much effort. These measures range from simply opening a window to integrating a complete building automation system. The user determines what is done with the findings. There are many possibilities.

There are also some areas in the education sector where the Workplace+ solution can help. This sector should be kept in mind, particularly with regard to advancing digitisation of the education sector. For example, users can use the Workplace+ solution to check and manage entire lecture halls, special classrooms or large libraries in real time.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Managing directors can optimise operating costs easily.

Building managers can manage workspaces efficiently and increase utilisation.

HR & works council members can optimise working conditions and increase employee satisfaction.

In addition to increased efficiency, employees & users also experience improved motivation and creativity.

The ALSO IoT Workplace+ Solution Accelerator in detail

ALSO is now a platform provider! Workplace+ is the first solution that works with the new IoT platform from AllThingsTalk exclusive to ALSO. This is provided in the cloud and makes it significantly easier to get started in the world of the IoT. The components of the solution include the LoRaWAN, a long range, low power wireless network protocol that was specially designed for the IoT networks of the future. While using the solution, there is no burden on the existing infrastructure and WLAN frequencies do not overlap.

In addition to a LoRaWAN gateway, the IoT Workplace+ Solution Accelerator includes a total of eight sensors for measuring table occupancy, room occupancy, air quality and brightness, the ALSO IoT platform subscription for administrators, and an application for user visualisation. On top of this there are various webinar offers and individual training sessions for different starting points. Install and go.

A special feature for anyone who wants more: this solution enables almost unlimited connections to other solutions. For example, the “smart building” solution is a great add-on in the context of ventilation, temperature and lighting. The open APIs also enable extensions for Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, and more. There are no limits to your creativity.

Workplace+ Solution Accelerator

  • Sensors & gateway
  • Purchase via ALSO online shop
  • Customisable and expandable.

ALSO IoT platform & application

  • Subscription
  • Booking via ACMP.

Webinars & training sessions

  • Various webinars for beginners and professionals
  • Individual training sessions for potential and existing sales & software partners.

Co-working spaces in particular benefit from the option of usage-based billing for workspaces and conference rooms and measurement of actual occupancy of the office space. In addition, the data obtained can be used for marketing purposes and can therefore help in acquisition of new customers. Expansion to include parking space occupancy sensors is another optional USP that can be implemented using the Workplace+ solution.

How does the user benefit from this solution?

Making savings is popular and this solution can help! With the Workplace+ solution, users have the opportunity to undertake cost-cutting restructuring, which becomes apparent thanks to the analysis of the collected data. Unnecessarily empty meeting rooms and a lack of workspaces can virtually cancel each other out. Second-level operators or users – employees, schoolchildren, students, teachers – benefit from the rapid flow of information and precise visualisation of which rooms or free spaces they can use. They also benefit from the sensor data that measures air quality and lighting conditions, so that these factors can be adjusted independently or by an administrator.

Individual and user-based alarm functions and notifications are additional tools that serve to improve room utilisation and quality. The best thing about it: the relevant data for the administrator can be managed via a single intuitive platform, while room users can stay up-to-date by means of a handy app.

Effortless installation of the solution is also particularly beneficial. For technicians it is comparable to setting up an access point. The Workplace+ solution is ready for use very quickly and without the need to use your own software development. The long battery life of the sensors and use of communication protocols with a low bandwidths make this IoT concept particularly stable and low-maintenance.

You are in demand!

We are looking for sales partners who are able to market IoT solutions to their customers and development partners who find new approaches based on this solution. We are also looking for vendors of sensors and gateways that we can connect to the platform. Help us in our endeavour to provide the entire IoT ecosystem of the future and to advance the IoT movement.

Value added for ALSO partners

Have you seen the potential of the IoT? Then do something about it! The Workplace+ solution gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an innovative partner with expertise in the IoT. The solution offers not only recurring monthly income, but also enables ALSO partners to provide managed services relating to the solution.

Any questions about the solution?

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