IoT Location Services

The solution in a nutshell: IoT Location Services enable the positioning of high quality and mobile company goods as well as route navigation using a simple, freely expandable and customisable app.


The end customer profile

Sector: Healthcare, culture, education, retail, construction and trade

Behind the scenes:

Solution components

Vendors: HPE Aruba, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Products: Software, Beacons, Tags, Access Points and Switches

Services: Implementation of the solution, 360° support

Value added

  • Lower costs through higher utilisation of high quality company assets.
  • Time savings through faster device location and indoor navigation.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by upgrading the services.
  • Optimisation of processes by using information on user behaviour.

Possible applications


Knowing the location of expensive, mobile equipment and inventory in a hospital setting has many advantages. Navigation within a building is also possible. Location-based notifications draw attention to the current situation.


Customer flow analyses, which can be created using data collected by beacons and the app, help to make renting retail space more profitable. The data shows the way customers move and the areas in which they stay for longer.

Construction/trade companies:

Tracking high quality mobile tools enables perfect capacity utilisation and protection against loss or theft.

Cultural and educational institutions:

Location-based messages allow museum visitors, for example, to call up information on specific exhibits. The app’s navigation function could also be used to guide students on a large university campus to the right lecture hall without fuss.

IoT Location Services in detail

Clinic employees spend 20 to 25% of their working hours looking for equipment. The potential for savings here is clearly immense. The search is over thanks to the "ALSO Solutions Team” IoT Location Services! IoT Location Services can also be customised to suit users in other sectors so they can save time, capacity, and hard cash. How? With a solution that significantly speeds up the time it takes to find your medical devices.

The “ALSO Solutions Team” is the solutions factory for new business opportunities opened up by implementing customised it requirements. The Solutions Business Managers’ team has developed this approach, supports you in setting up your solutions-based business and sees you through your individual project with your end customer.

On closer inspection, the solution is made up of three simple modules:


  • Location of expensive, mobile company goods
  • Navigation within a building (outdoor navigation also possible)
  • Location-based notifications

What for?

  • To increase device utilisation and simultaneously reduce costs for equipment hire
  • Saves time and increases patient satisfaction thanks to service enhancement
  • Takes into account visitors and analysis of user behaviour

The app receives its information from so-called ‘beacons’, which can be positioned wherever required – e.g. Directly onto wheelchairs or in hospital corridors. This allows you to see where the device or tool you are looking for is in real time and whether it is available. The solution also allows for location-based notifications. Operation takes just a few steps and is completely intuitive.

The app is delivered in a standard version. Individual adjustments – regardless of whether it’s in terms of design or function – are possible at any time. These can even be implemented by your own software developers. On request, the “ALSO Solutions Team” can also provide the relevant services.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

Two things that every end customer looks for are cost reductions and time savings while maintaining, or even increasing, efficiency. The technological upgrade to the services provided result in improved customer loyalty for the end customer. The key term here: competitive advantage. In addition, collecting relevant data on user behaviour enables processes to be adapted for continuous optimisation.

The easy implementation, reliable support and impressive performance of the IoT Location Services Solution also alleviate the fear end customers have of engaging with the huge issue of the IoT thanks to its simplicity.

Targets and relevance for the end customer

  • Technical managers of hospitals / construction companies / retail outlets: The solution helps to reduce device costs and improves utilisation of networked machines and devices.
  • Care / construction employees: Searching for devices becomes systematic and quick. “Idle times” in which employees cannot work effectively are reduced.

There is also added value for also partners!

Using new technological and business approaches is always a step in the direction of better end customer relationships. The fact that each of our solutions is fully customisable and can be precisely adapted to suit individual requirements makes it difficult for any customer not to be impressed.

The 360° support, which starts with in-depth feasibility studies and extends to professional marketing and presentation to end customers, should remove any doubts about implementation and make both you and your end customer happy.

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