ALSO Workplace+ Solution Accelerator

An easy-to-implement and cost-effective offer that will help your customers to discover how they can use the IoT to increase their productivity.

An IoT idea in practice

We have put a lot of effort into making your customers’ lives easier. Because we have seamlessly integrated sensors and LoRa connectivity into our ALSO IoT platform, you get the perfect start without spending a lot of time and money.

Workplace+ devices

Sensors with pre-set LoRaWAN connectivity


ALSO IoT Platform

Secure & scalable IoT platform for connecting devices and recording and displaying data.

Via ALSO Cloud Marketplace


Ready to use application for a quick start or development of tailored applications.

Via the platform’s software catalogue

Potential use cases for quick sales!

Guarantee social distancing & hygiene in the workplace

  • Real time tracking to ensure disinfection of tables and conference rooms before next use.
  • Remote access to tables and conference rooms for assignment and reservation without any direct contact.
  • Real time alarms when undisinfected tables or conference rooms are used.

Optimisation of costs, capacities and usage of workspaces

  • Optimisation and cost savings for electricity usage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings using real time data.
  • Facilitation of efficient use of tables and conference rooms thanks to occupancy status info.
  • Improvement of space utilisation and maximisation of profitability based on data.


Cost savings

40% reduction of energy costs



Increased office capacity



More efficient use of the workspace

Support for productivity and performance thanks to optimal conditions

  • Monitoring of air quality, temperature, humidity, noise levels and lighting in real time for greater comfort, productivity and performance
  • Remote access for individual configuration of settings.



Better ventilation can increase productivity by up to 11%



Good lighting can increase performance by 15%


Optimal conditions

Performance decreases by 2% for every degree over 25°C and 4.7% for every degree under 21°C

A future-proof IoT business model with ALSO

Change your business model with ALSO

  • Easy to order using the ALSO Cloud Marketplace & E-commerce
  • Automatic delivery & payment managed by ALSO
  • Co-selling, marketing tools and dedicated customer service.

Better margins than with conventional IT products

Generate additional sales & profits

  • Secure new and sustainable sources of income by using devices, monthly SaaS subscriptions and additional services
  • Growth & upselling among existing customers.

Differentiated portfolio compared to competitors

Build an IoT portfolio

  • Increase your customer retention rate
  • Stand out from the competition thanks to pre-configured solution accelerators with operating cost models
  • Serve new markets with solutions that support IoT business scenarios - both horizontally and vertically, and in a wide variety of industries

Increase your turnover and customer retention rate

First saleOne-time:
Sell the necessary hardware
Ground - subscription to the ALSO IoT platform
Setting up the solution Installation services, managed services
Solution lifecycle Application margin:
When the customer uses an application
Upselling - Solution expansion: new hardware
- Tailored development & integration services
- Subscription to the upselling platform (more devices/private instance).

Village Director, Co.Station

Geert Coupez

Co.Station was involved in the development of the Workplace+ Solution Accelerator. We wanted to see how the IoT could improve our productivity. In light of the challenges we are currently facing with COVID-19, we consider the Workspace+ Solution Accelerator to be a useful tool for keeping our co-working workplace safe.