Intelligent Cloud Platform

The solution in a nutshell: With the help of a tailored cloud solution, you, as a reseller, have the opportunity to offer cloud services in your own data centre and therefore to offer your customers the best and most secure basis for cloud business.

The provider profile

Sector: cloud service providers and those who want to become one

Area: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Behind the scenes: solution components

Vendors: Ormuco, other it infrastructure vendors

Products: Ormuco software, data centre infrastructure (server, storage, network)

Services: Planning, installation, operation

The choice of specific vendors is up to you. We work with HPE, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Huawei, among others.

Value added

  • Fast and inexpensive provision of your own cloud services
  • Cost savings through uniform licensing
  • Simplification of installation, management, operation, updating and support
  • Open ecosystem – no vendor lock-in
  • Flexible connection of cloud resources to your own IT

Watch the success story

Who should this speak to?

Cloud service providers

Who operate their own data centre and want to expand their portfolio with IaaS and PaaS.

System suppliers & resellers

Who want to become providers of cloud services/who want to revamp their managed services by entering the cloud business.

End customers

Who cannot/do not want to use a public cloud for data protection or compliance reasons.

Intelligent Cloud Platform in detail

Everyone is talking about the cloud – but the security and data protection challenges in a cloud environment are significant. That’s why the first step is often a huge hurdle for companies to overcome. Cloud service providers have recognised that there is a boom going on and are already fulfilling the many customer requests for managed services. They can then deal with any issues and do away with the end customer’s fear of the unknown. Do you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to get started in this business, fully exploit its potential and develop from being a reseller into a cloud service provider? The ALSO Solutions Team will help you to achieve this!

The “outside the box thinkers” of the ALSO Solutions Team focus on new business opportunities and individual it requirements with this future-oriented solution. The special thing about it: the solutions business managers take care of all aspects of the development of your solution-based business and also see through every project down to the smallest detail.

Do you still think that a fully managed cloud solution, as an uncomplicated yet secure way to get started in the cloud, is inconceivable? The ALSO Solutions Team is here to make your transformation into a cloud service provider a success story.

What makes our cloud solution so unbeatable?

Our cloud solution consists of comprehensive software for provision of a cloud infrastructure in combination with underlying hardware and complementary services.

The means to the end is Ormuco Stack and it ..

  • Offers a fully fledged managed private cloud with the features and flexibility of a public cloud.
  • Closes the gap between private and public cloud environments.
  • Enables access to infrastructure advantages without having to accept restrictions based on legal regulations.
  • Facilitates management of resources and applications in a hybrid environment.
  • Provides an open ecosystem for service providers, channel partners and end customers.

Maximum value added in just one package

Our fully managed cloud solution includes monitoring and support, operation of the platform, capacity management, and comprehensive metering and billing options for multi-level distribution models. The solution enables full 360° operation without any additional third party software or services. This is a big plus for expanding your own sales department because it just gives you more time.

Using Ormuco Stack only works to the advantage of cloud service providers

System suppliers usually maintain close regional customer relationships that they do not want to lose if they decide to move to the cloud. If you, as a system supplier or reseller, become an operator of your own cloud solutions, you can simply take your customers with you by operating your own data centre. This prevents customer fears or loss of confidence as they can still get everything from a single source and have a central contact person.

You benefit from an intuitive portal that enables multi-level service provision, and you can fall back on the expertise of cloud experts at any time without having to hire them in-house. Management, operation and updates are also direct and easy via Ormuco. If at some point you need more, a global network of public clouds can easily be connected using multi-cloud technology.

In a nutshell:

  • Expansion of the public cloud experience while maintaining data sovereignty and control
  • Inexpensive and versatile provision of cloud services and granular billing models
  • Flexible connection of cloud resources to your own IT.

Others who also like this solution

In addition to resellers and system suppliers who want to expand their cloud competence quickly and practically, there is a third group for whom our solution can work very well:

Independent software vendors

This solution allows you to appear as a certified software vendors and to appear in the ormuco app centre. There is also a publisher portal for management of your own software, which can even be sold directly via the ALSO Acloud.

Not ready for your own cloud?

With the Acloud, ALSO provides cloud resources that resellers can offer under their own name. Thanks to white labelling, this is a good alternative and easy first step towards creating a cloud business. Take a look for yourself using our free demo.

Or contact us directly for test access and more information

This solution is also fully customisable and can be precisely tailored to suit a wide variety of requirements. The ALSO Solutions Team works closely with you and takes care not only of the implementation, but also of the preliminary feasibility studies, subsequent analyses and optimisation measures.

Let’s find an individual solution together!

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