Augmented Reality Solution

The solution in a nutshell: This solution enables simplified presentation of workflows and real time machine data, visualisation of cad data in development and use of digital twins in production.

The end customer profile

Sector: industry, education

Area: production industry, training

Activity: commissioning, operation, service & support

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendor: PTC, Realwear, Microsoft, all smartphone & tablet vendors

Products: Vuforia Studio, MHMT-1, Hololens, e.g. Apple iPad

Services: enablement, training, content design, commissioning, maintenance

Value added

  • Rapid understanding of complex topics
  • Increased efficiency in commissioning and maintenance
  • Optimisation of operating procedures
  • Enhancement of the learning process through visualisation
  • Support in decision making

Possible applications

One of the main applications for this solution is in the industrial sector. However, using the ALSO Augmented Reality Solution exclusively in this area would be a waste of its potential. Using AR for training makes a lot of sense, especially in the field of education. It allows processes and problems to be simulated realistically, so learners can gain practical experience in addition to learning the theory. In these situations, using AR is definitely less expensive and easier to implement than creating real scenarios – and there is no lack of authenticity, either.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?


Management receives support in decision making.

Production managers

Production managers benefit from monitoring of operational processes and can make diagnoses easily.

Service managers

Service managers are able to utilise all their service technicians efficiently.

Service technicians

Service technicians reach their targets faster and therefore save time.

The Augmented Reality Solution in detail

Augmented reality is a broad field. If the first thing that comes to your mind is the catalogue of a Swedish furniture manufacturer, read on and pay close attention. Because augmented reality has long since found its way into the industrial sector, especially into manufacturing.

Slowly but surely, an earthquake has been making its way through the industrial sector, but it’s not causing any damage. It’s making things a lot better and, above all, easier. ALSO Augmented Reality Solutions tailored to the requirements of the industrial sector will probably form an integral part of industrial digitisation in the future. To implement and permanently integrate AR, it is particularly important that applications are not only ready for use quickly, but also guarantee easy operation. This is precisely what we focused on when developing our solution.

Conversely, there is a lot that users of the solution no longer need to worry about thanks to the operational value added: high levels of wastage and time-consuming reworking, poor productivity or the question of how security and compliance can be improved. These factors are raised up to a new, better level with the ALSO Augmented Reality Solution.

The question of all questions is also answered, of course: why does industry as a whole need all this and what’s it for? Implementation of various 2D and 3D applications enables a variety of scenarios. Knowledge transfer, digital workflow, document navigation and IoT data visualisation can, for example, be implemented using 2D applications. A simplified presentation of checklists, workflows, documents and real time machine data is made possible by the PTC Vuforia software and the Realwear HMT-1 device. The user’s hands remain free at all times.

The 3D applications that run, for example, using a pair of Microsoft HoloLens glasses open other doors. These allow CAD data to be visualised in a valuable way or for repairs to be carried out faster and more easily using a so-called digital twin, i.e. a digital image of a machine or process. The interaction of virtual and real objects, or mixed reality, is the key here. All of this happens using real time information.

If machines are “marked” with unique identification markers, this goes one step further: it is possible to transmit live data via IoT sensors so that all of the information about the status of a machine can be displayed at the press of a button. This makes it clear how much industrial customers need this solution: urgently!

If you’re now thinking that specialist staff will be needed to create the AR content, forget about it. The AR content is created with the help of intuitive software, which contains everything you need like a construction kit. Select, adjust, merge, done.

The three core capabilities and advantages of AR in a nutshell:


Improve the user’s perspective of the physical world by overlaying real and virtual digital information.


Train users to perform a task by overlaying digital instructions or real time expert guidance.


Manipulate digital graphics or expand a product using an AR interface.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

Complex topics, devices and machines are easily broken down with the Augmented Reality Solution. Visualisation of content and the link with reality give the users new opportunities to complete their tasks faster and with significantly fewer errors. The real time transmission of machine data is also the ideal way to detect problems at an early stage. If any should appear, that’s not a problem. Repairs can also be carried out by non-specialist staff using AR. The repair steps are shown clearly and are easy to follow. The results: increased productivity, reduced wastage and reworking, and greater security and compliance.

Added value upon added value for ALSO partners

It is only a matter of time until AR technologies become an integral part of companies. For many, however, the first steps towards using AR pose a hurdle. The digital transformation continues on mercilessly and anyone who misses out will soon find themselves falling behind. With the Augmented Reality Solution, ALSO partners can use the opportunity to develop their customer base further and to gain customers with high quality, tailored solutions. Refinement of the solution with customised services is also a good way to emphasise unique selling points. Accompany your customers down the AR path that is part of the digital transformation and become an indispensable partner.

We haven’t forgotten virtual reality, which everyone is talking about – we have simply included it in our solution as an add-on. Virtual reality is a combination component in the solution and enables users to overcome distance, time and scaling. Are you curious? Contact us!

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