ALSO IoT Platform

The solution in a nutshell: This small solution with a big impact enables ALSO partners and their customers to make the cross-sector leap into the IoT business: with the help of an intuitive and secure platform, which is also offered as SaaS on the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, they can get started in new business areas.

The end customer profile

Target segment: Cross-industry

Area: Industry, production, warehousing, conference rooms, office buildings, treatment rooms, and much more.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: AllThingsTalk, ALSO, network operator.

Products: IoT sensors & gateways, ALSO IoT Platform via the ACMP, narrowband IoT networks, LTE-M networks.

Services: Consulting, network coverage and installation, software development, managed services.

Value added

  • Enables quick and easy provision of IoT solutions.
  • Easy extraction, visualisation and usage of data.
  • Needs-based combination of solution components (sensors, actuators, connectivity, platform access).
  • Data obtained helps to optimise operations at various levels.

Possible applications:

In the port of Antwerp, the IoT is already as much a part of things as a life buoy on the shore. And those life buoys were the precise reason for the use of sensors and the ALSO IoT Platform! Life buoys have been removed or destroyed in the port area again and again, which can have fatal consequences in the event of an emergency. And, of course, you have to act quickly in a real emergency. The idea of an alarm being triggered as soon as a life buoy is removed was quickly voiced, and with it came the solution. Monitoring is now done using sensors and the ALSO IoT Platform – little effort, huge impact!

Another application which impresses with its simplicity and versatility revolves around the smart office. Our IoT Workplace+ Solution ensures a comfortable temperature and improves efficiency in the office. Here you will find the detailed use case for this special solution, into which the ALSO IoT Platform has already been integrated.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Resellers & system houses

Resellers & system houses are able to enter the IoT market quickly and to sell ready-to-sell solutions.

Vendors & System Integrators

Vendors & integrators can easily develop new overall solutions and use an extensive IoT ecosystem.

Software developers

Software developers are able to implement applications for IoT solutions quickly and easily.

End customers

End customers meet the emerging digitisation requirements in no time and can work more productively and efficiently.

The ALSO IoT platform in detail

The ALSO IoT platform is an IoT development platform. The focus is primarily on use cases from the fields of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity, such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and LTE-M. Complete device management, data aggregation and process automation can be controlled and monitored using the comprehensive platform. The good thing about it: this solution is so intuitive and simple to use that every partner is able to integrate it into their own business and even to develop their own individual solutions. This even means that partners can offer their own platform instances, which are administered by the customers themselves. You determine the extent to which the solution is suitable for you and your customers.

In addition to the platform, we offer various kits that make it easier to get started in the IoT universe: With the help of our Solution Accelerator Kits from the ALSO online shop, consisting of sensors with pre-configured connectivity, we enable users to complete a one-click rollout on the ALSO IoT platform – initial hurdles don’t get much lower than this.

The next step is the Rapid Development Kits, which help to set up and evaluate IoT prototypes quickly and easily for testing purposes. The ideal starting point for developers who have only dreamed of the IoT until now. These kits also help you to discover the possibilities of the ALSO IoT platform.

Workplace+ devices
Sensors with pre-set LoRaWAN connectivity
Via ALSO E-commerce

ALSO IoT Platform
Secure & scalable IoT platform for connecting devices and recording and displaying data
Via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Ready to use application for a quick start or development of tailored applications
Via the Platforms Software Catalogue

How do users benefit from this solution?

Want to kill two birds with one stone? It’s easy with the ALSO IoT Platform solutions. On the one hand, users get the chance to dive into the IoT business without a lot of effort or much prior knowledge. You can expand your own IoT horizons and devise ideas yourself, which can then be implemented in no time using the ALSO Solution Accelerators such as the Workplace+ solution. On the other hand, partners get the opportunity to think about use cases, potential end customers and value added, and ultimately to pass these on to customers in a tailored way. It is also particularly advantageous that the ALSO IoT Platform solutions are designed to be very flexible. They are suitable for companies that already work with sensors and data visualisation from other providers, for example.

Thinking ahead...

Hospital, care facility and healthcare equipment in general are extremely relevant topics at the moment. It is not just about beds, medication and protective clothing, but about technical deficiencies and making improvements. With the ALSO IoT Platform and an environmental sensor pack, the air quality can be measured within wards or operating theatres and therefore optimised. Good ventilation has a positive effect on patient healing and reduces the risk of infection, which in turn leads to better utilisation of the system.

You are in demand!

We are looking for sales partners who are able to market IoT solutions to their customers and development partners who find new approaches based on this solution. We are also looking for vendors of sensors and gateways that we can connect to the platform. Help us in our endeavour to provide the entire IoT ecosystem of the future and to advance the IoT movement.

Value added for ALSO partners

Anyone who has IoT solutions in their portfolio is already a step ahead of many competitors. The field is and remains one with huge potential that will bite you if you leave it too late to get involved. Structuring the ALSO IoT Platform solution as a flexible service with recurring monthly income is worthwhile for ALSO partners in many ways. We don’t even need to mention things like improved customer retention or growing & upselling existing customers, do we?

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