ALSO Dolly+ Smart & Secure Trolley

The solution in a nutshell: Dolly+, the smart logistics trolley from ALSO, protects valuable goods from theft and damage during transport and allows real-time location tracking.

The end customer profile

  • Sector: retail, logistics & transport industry, pharma industry, luxury brands, manufacturing
  • Area: valuable goods or dangerous goods

Behind the scenes

Solution components

  • Vendor: Wanzl, ALSO
  • Products: 1. Hardware (Trolley, electronic Lock, handheld & location tracker), 2. ALSO IoT Platform (IoT Connectivity, asset/device management, access management, location Tracking), 3. Smart & Secure Application (Operations & Analytics)
  • Services: Financial Services, IT support, Maintenance & Repair (if needed)

Value added

  • Theft protection during transport
  • Reduction of transport damage
  • Digital management of access rights
  • Reliable tracking of trolleys and goods
  • Availability of a comprehensive data package for further analysis and optimisation

Possible applications

The theft-proof transport of valuable goods, such as electronics, jewellery or medicines, is only one of many areas of application for the Smart & Secure Trolley. Dolly+ can do even more: Data protection has become a necessity that requires a particularly conscientious approach to technology. This also includes the certified erasure of data mediums, which is not infrequently outsourced. But what if confidential data is stolen during transport from A to B? That cannot happen with Dolly+. The transport or return of laptops, tablets and other devices is completely risk-free thanks to the electronic lock, location sensor and our Smart & Secure application.

The environment also comes further into focus: Dolly+ enables a packaging-free supply chain without damaging the goods inside. This also has the advantage that a lot more voluminous goods fit into the trolley. In addition, this solution can be used as a secure mobile warehouse. For example, shops or schools can store equipment safely in the trolley until a responsible technical person or similar arrives on site.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Department manager

Department managers can rely on transparent, digitalised and smart delivery.

Logistics managers

Logistics managers benefit from an all-round secured delivery of goods.


CFOs are relieved regarding individual shipping decisions.

The ALSO Dolly+ Solution in detail

Cleverness in a rolling tin box format! The Smart & Secure Trolley Dolly+ from ALSO is an upgrade for all logistics processes. Valuable goods are securely shipped because of the electronic lock with alarm function. The associated data is recorded directly digitally, and the location of the goods can be tracked continuously via the Smart & Secure app through the built-in GPS tracker. In this way, both sender and recipient enjoy maximum transparency during shipping.

The associated handheld for industrial logistics environments is equipped with intuitive, Android-based software. To ensure that every employee really does become a Dolly+ tamer, we offer flexible training courses in which the functions of the trolley and the Smart & Secure application are explained in detail. Via the complementary web-based app, which is connected to the ALSO IoT platform, authorisations can also be managed very easily in addition to tracking the individual trolleys. As the transport box can only ever be opened by authorised persons via PIN, this is defined here.

Dolly+ comes in standard dimensions and is therefore easy to integrate into existing logistics processes. 24 Smart & Secure Trolleys can be transported in one truck. That's plenty of space for secure transport! In keeping with ALSO Solutions Business style, this solution can also be booked "as-a-service", which makes the use of the smart box even more attractive.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

In addition to the easy integration of the Dolly+ Ready-to-Use Solution, there are six simple reasons why it is worth integrating the Smart & Secure Trolley directly into your business:

Prevent the theft of valuable goods during transport and onsite

Block unauthorised access to confidential and precious content

Track valuable goods

Manage access rights electronically without physical keys

Real-time monitoring, event logging and notifications

Get analytics based on collected data

That was not all! There are more additional benefits

  • In the event of a loss, the administrative effort is kept low thrugh seamless documentation.
  • Checking consignment histories is less time-consuming, which reduces costs.
  • Because of its dimensions, the trolley can easily pass through doors and even be placed in elevators.
  • Compared to using pallets, Dolly+ is much easier to handle.
  • Insurance costs can be reduced.
  • Avoid expensive, direct point-to-point deliveries with couriers.

We have five useful sensors as add-ons in our portfolio:

  • shock sensor that detects potentially damaged goods at an early stage.
  • humidity sensor that triggers an alarm if the values are too high before the goods are damaged.
  • temperature sensor that indicates when the maximum permissible temperature has been exceeded.
  • tilt sensor that detects when the trolley is tilting.
  • movement sensor that triggers an alarm if, for example, movements are registered during the night.

In this way, the solution can be easily expanded according to individual needs. The added value is enormous!

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