ALSO Scalable Infrastructure Solution

The solution in a nutshell: With the ALSO Scalable Infrastructure Solution, the corporate data centre undergoes a streamlining cure and at the same time gains a great deal of flexibility.

ALSO Scalable Infrastructure Solution

The end customer profile

  • Target segment: retail, industry
  • Area: across the board
  • Other: Branch structure

Behind the scenes

The components of the solution

  • Vendors: Lenovo, Microsoft, arcserve, APC, VMware
  • Products: Lenovo ThinkAgile MX, Hyper-V, Azure Stack HCI, Tape Library, UPS, vSAN
  • Services: Roll-Out, Financial Services, etc


  • Lower initial costs & lower running costs
  • Less maintenance & increased reliability
  • High scalability
  • Centralised management
  • No special knowledge required
  • Space and resource saving

Possible applications

Possible applications

In retail it is often said that many branches spoil the IT infrastructure. Because if everyone is cooking their own soup when it comes to servers, storage and networks, then you are far away from a structured, uniform system and the expense alarm goes off. Companies with multiple locations have to ensure that the same services are available everywhere as in the data centre - with limited space and cooling capacity and fewer or no IT experts. This can be achieved with the Scalable Infrastructure Solution, which can also be optionally expanded with cooling systems and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The solution can also be used sensibly in the healthcare sector. Doctors, nurses and administrators can rely on a secure virtual desktop scenario with the Scalable Infrastructure Solution. Patient data is thus not stored on individual computers but on the connected server and is available quickly and reliably. The central administration console additionally simplifies the IT management of the practice and co.

Companies that use SQL databases also benefit from the ALSO Scalable Infrastructure. The Microsoft management interface promises seamless insertion of the databases into the system. Thanks to pre-tested processes, nothing stands in the way of fast and problem-free integration. The implementation time is optimised accordingly.

How do users benefit from this solution?

To remain competitive, companies depend on a future-proof and flexible IT infrastructure. And since administrators already have enough to do due to the enormous pace of digital change, it is only logical to relieve them of the burden of managing network, compute and storage. The bundling of the three components and the virtualised availability simply and straightforwardly conserve precious specialist resources. In addition, costs are kept low both in acquisition and operation, as more attention is paid to actual needs. The granular scalability of capacity and performance optimally rounds off the individual IT infrastructure in terms of reliability.

The ALSO Scalable Infrastructure Solution in Detail

Compute, storage, network - these are three systems that should work together smoothly, but often do not. That's why they make more work than necessary. With the ALSO Scalable Infrastructure Solution, these three separate components become one overall solution. With the help of a uniform management interface, the administration and maintenance effort of IT teams is significantly reduced and automated. Another highlight: new services and applications can be provided quickly and easily. The overall system remains extremely flexible, as each component is scalable as needed.

ALSO Scalable Infrastructure Solution

The special feature of the solution is, among other things, the optional integration of suitable backup and power and cooling components. If required and desired, customised cybersecurity measures can also be added for the extended protection of the infrastructure.

Target persons and relevance to the end customer

CEOs can easily optimise IT spending.

Branch managers ensure that operations are maintained and that data is always available and secured.

IT managers can monitor systems more easily and respond to outages faster, while also benefiting from the ease and speed of scalability.

Added value for ALSO partners

Rely on the 3-in-1 principle of the Scalable Infrastructure Solution from ALSO and enjoy not only the simplified management of infrastructures, VMs, software and hardware, but above all your status as a facilitator! With this solution, you can offer your customers maximum flexibility right from the consulting phase with a wide range of processor, memory and storage options. You have never optimised IT infrastructures so quickly, let alone set them up!

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