ALSO People Counting Solution

The solution in a nutshell: With the ALSO People Counting Solution for secure access to (public) spaces, minimal installation and operational effort is followed by a big step back to normality.

The end customer profile

Sector: Cross-sectoral - offices, gastronomy, retail, industry, education and public institutions

Area: SMB

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: Vivotek, Otrum, Elsys, ALSO/AllThingsTalk

Products: Counting cameras or IR people counters, CO2 and other IoT sensors, ALSO IoT Platform

Services: Consulting, planning & design, financing, commissioning

Value added

  • Simple compliance with legal requirements
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Dedicated staff not required for operation
  • Simple traffic light system automates entry; also no additional staff required

Possible applications

Not everyone works in an office or remotely from home. Especially during but also after the pandemic, the many people who work in retail or catering deserve special protection measures, which in turn also protect customers. The all-in-one IoT solution SafeSpace+ helps to monitor the number of people in a confined space, control access and maintain healthy CO2 levels with the help of sensors - without violating the GDPR. Construction sites, production facilities, museums, event venues or meeting rooms can benefit from the easy-to-integrate solution, even after the pandemic.









Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Managing directors

improve the company's image and provide more security for staff and customers.

HR & works council

can see an increase in employee satisfaction through optimised working conditions.


are more motivated and satisfied thanks to increased safety.

The ALSO People Counting Solution in detail

Forgotten your chip or coins for the shopping trolley again and now no entry to the supermarket? How about an alternative to the compulsory shopping trolley? Supporting gastronomy, culture and other businesses for a safe (re)opening is also very easy thanks to this new solution. The People Counting Solution from ALSO comes in different versions for this purpose:

1. Counting camera with integrated sensor technology as an offline solution
This version of the People Counting solution stores the counting data internally. The camera used creates a 3D height profile and the respective counting area is configured graphically. In order to exclude certain objects such as prams from the count, the object height can be set individually. People who leave the area to be monitored immediately after entering can also be excluded from the count. One camera covers entrances up to 5 metres wide. An extension of up to seven cameras next to each other is easily possible - this is particularly interesting for event locations. A monitor can be connected directly via HDMI

2. SafeSpace+
This solution combines sensors, connectivity and digital signage. Through the connection with the ALSO IoT Platform, not only can the historical data of the people counters be stored and analysed, but additional sensors can also be connected. In this way, for example, the air quality of premises or the occupancy of workplaces can also be brought into focus and quickly optimised. Even the occupancy of parking spaces can be added to the overall solution. Digital signage can be used optionally with every variant, but is by no means a must. If the capacity limit is exceeded, instead of visualisation via display, notifications can also be sent to individual employees, for example by e-mail.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

Quickly installed, easy to use, maximally secure: despite - or perhaps because of - its simplicity, the People Counting Solution contributes to gradual normal operation in retail, catering or offices. Existing IT security measures are not impaired at any time thanks to the provision detached from the existing network.

Moreover, the camera used does not record, but recognises people and only stores the access differences. Thus, personal data is not an issue, which makes this solution fully compatible with the applicable rules of the DSGVO. Billing in the subscription model, i.e. at fixed monthly rates, makes the deployment and the associated costs flexible and precisely plannable. The People Counting Solution from ALSO is easy on all levels.

Thinking ahead

The use of digital signage in this solution has even more advantages than simply providing information on "go or stand". The increased attention at the entrance can be optimally used for the communication of service and advertising messages! Optional software can also be used to display customised advertisements in no time at all.

Added value for ALSO partners

Waiting and drinking tea was yesterday! If you want to achieve success, you have to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the current situation and work with them. With this simple, but effective and cost-efficient solution, you not only present yourself optimally as a strong innovation partner, you also help your customers to regain a bit of normality. The possibility of offering the People Counting Solution as a managed service results in additionally strengthened customer loyalty for you. And since you certainly have good project and marketing ideas yourself, there are enough grow and upsell opportunities that can be developed on the basis of this solution.

Take advantage of the dynamics of the New Normal! We are happy to help you with feasibility analyses and are always on hand to answer questions of understanding and configuration.

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