ALSO Edge Infrastructure Solution

The solution in a nutshell:
A fully-fledged IT infrastructure that does 
not need its own room and could also be 
monitored and managed remotely.

The end customer profile

Sector: Retail, Healthcare

Area: Facilities such as homes, medical practices, offices, grocery chains, hardware stores

Behind the scenes

The components of the solution

Vendors: APC by Schneider Electric, HPE, Aruba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Allied Telesis, ASSMANN Group

Products: Schneider Electric Ecostruxure IT Expert, SE Netbotz Camera & Sensors, HPE Edgeline, Lenovo ThinkSystem SE, HCI, and more

Services: Rollout, Remote Monitoring, Remote Maintenance, Financial Services


  • Placeable everywhere, thanks to small size and lockable housing
  • Reduced risk of failure thanks to continuous remote monitoring
  • Reduced costs for provisioning and operating the infrastructure

Possible usecases

In retail, everything has its place; nothing works without structure and order. But one thing usually falls by the wayside: a suitable place for the server. In the healthcare sector, too, such as in doctors' offices or care facilities, there is usually neither a separate room for IT technology nor trained personnel. The ALSO Edge Infrastructure Solution makes a goodness out of this shortage of space.

Who benefits from this solution and in what way?

Managing Directors

can look forward to optimised IT spending.

Office Managers

don't have to be afraid of possible downtime.

IT Leaders

enjoy simplified monitoring and management of the IT infrastructure at the edge.

The ALSO Edge Infrastructure Solution in detail

The operation of IT resources is literally just put in the corner with the ALSO Edge Infrastructure Solution. Instead of transferring data via a network to the cloud or a distant data center, it is processed and analyzed directly at the edge of the network. All operations are processed decentrally, but close to the point of action, which noticeably reduces latency. With the help of innovative monitoring software, all connected components can be managed intuitively via a dashboard.

In this way, IT operations are outsourced simply and securely. Whether server, storage or switch, the "box" can be equipped with varios compute, storage and network components as required.

How do users benefit from this solution?

The world's smallest data center can fit anywhere, With its six height units. The MicroDataCenter used is physically secured and can therefore even be placed directly in the salesroom, hallway or waiting room. Users therefore don‘t need  worry about the security of the devices and the data to be processed.

The optional equipment with sensors and cameras brings security and uncomplicated handling to an even higher level - without increasing the effort for control and administration. The Edge Infrastructure Solution simplifies the operation of an IT infrastructure and at the same time prevents failures, which in turn has a positive effect on costs.

Thinking ahead

The added value of this solution is also useful in many other environments. For example, smaller production facilities or schools and kindergartens also need reliable IT Infrastrukturen that do not take up any extra space and can also be locked and monitored. For the retail sector, the addition of digital price tags, self-service systems or digital signage solutions makes perfect sense and leads to a more modern appearance and sustainably strengthened customer relationships. 

The ALSO Edge Infrastructure Solution also forms a perfect basis for the deployment of IoT applications. For example, the gateway of the ALSO IoT Workplace+ Solution can be housed within this solution. 

Added value for ALSO partners

Simplicity can always inspire. In this case, not only your customers benefit from the purchase of a complete IT infrastructure from a single source, you also benefit from the simple provision and administration. If you wish, you can offer your customers an all-round carefree contract including installation, operation and regular maintenance and thus remain in close contact with them. Find out more about the ALSO MSP offers . With the Edge Infrastructure Solution you also show that you are developing as a partner and recognise trends such as edge computing and position yourself accordingly.

ALSO MSP offers = please link here to the MSP solution

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