Workplace Security

The pandemic has shifted many companies into a new way of working and implementing systems to ensure smooth remote operations.

Cyber-attacks have risen sharply with more people working from home and many long-simmering cybersecurity risks have come to the forefront. With the vast majority of malware having automated polymorphic capabilities – speed in detection and remediation have become key to minimising business losses. The Workplace Security Solution helps to protect your organization against cyber-attacks and safeguard critical business data and processes.

The end customer profile

Target segment: All companies that need the solution

Range: Workplaces, networks

Behind the scenes

The components of the solution

Manufactures: Sophos, Eset, Kaspersky, Watchguard, Net at Work, Arcserve, StorageCraft, and many more.

Products: Various products

Services: Monitoring & Support, Installation


  • Protect company data and processes
  • Prevent GDPR violations
  • Maintain business continuity

Possible usecases

Successful IT security is not only built to be compliant with the law and requirements, but it should be integrated to the business strategy to protect the business continuity. The "classic" threats such as phishing and malware have not decreased over time and should not be underestimated. Social engineering strategies have advanced and are becoming more difficult to detect, which makes employees vulnerable to the attacks. Mail Security as well as Endpoint and Network Security are the three pillars that should be in place to prevent attacks. To protect organizations against data loss, Backup & Recovery should be an integral part of IT disaster recovery plan.

Who benefits from this solution and in what way?

Managing Directors

can be sure the stipulated data protection measures are in place and can rely on business continuity.

Data protection officers

have less stress as reportable GDPR incidents are prevented.

IT professionals

have fewer security incidents to worry about and can maintain smooth processes.

The workplace security solution in detail

To guarantee far-reaching IT security, devices and services - whether in the cloud or in-house - must be agile and adapt to dynamic business and end-user needs. At the same time, the company data must be protected from known and emerging threats. The core of the ALSO Workplace Security Solution is easy deployment and efficient management of processes and products, while reducing overall costs in the long run.

With the ALSO Security Workplace Solution, users can protect sensitive data in line with their needs:


Both internal and external communication must be protected. Secure VPN access is just as much a part of this as mail or web server monitoring. As the central element of network security, firewall will help to protect the network. Based on functionalities, maintenance and support scope, cloud or on-prem setup, you can choose the right solution for you.


Endpoint security is the practise of securing end-user devices from being exploited by malicious actors. The focus of endpoint security is on virus protection with a broad range of functions, configuration options and central administration. The main features of the solution range from antivirus to intrusion prevention (IPS) and application control to whitelisting and blacklisting.


E-mails are still popular means of communication, however, mail security risks are developing with alarming speed. Mail security is essential to protecting your organization from a wide variety of threats from spam and viruses to data leaks and spear-phishing. The Workplace Security Solution consist of wide range of tools, such as quarantine solution, whitelisting and blacklisting, permission granting and reporting.

Fundamentally detached from security measures, yet more closely linked to them than one might suspect:


Foresight is an advantage when it comes to security, because what happens if an attack is successful or hardware malfunctioning leads to data loss? Data backup should always be part of data protection policies. In order to find the appropriate backup, it is first necessary to clarify what is being backed up, where the data is located, how often the data is backed up etc. With individual consulting and support, backup and recovery measures can be adjusted at any time.

The ALSO Workplace Security Solution is not only strategically designed to protect data, but also

  • pragmatic thanks to rapid implementation,
  • future-oriented thanks to continuous further development and cooperation with experts,
  • holistic thanks to the combination of service and execution
  • as well as tailored to individual business needs

Knowledge transfer, service support, and ALSO-style secure vendor, product, and deployment methods round out the solution, making it a must-have for secure workplaces.

How do users benefit from this solution?

It may be true in many cases that people learn from their mistakes. But especially when it comes to IT security, the prevention of potential security breaches is the key to protect the company against the consequences of cyber-attacks. The damage can not only mean financial loss but can hurt the reputation of the company. Therefore, users benefit from the ALSO Workplace Security Solution in several ways. Preventing and detecting attacks and anomalies works smoothly thanks to the many different solution components.

The Workplace Security Solution goes beyond protecting the data and offers two further, very important components for efficient IT security in the form of backup and recovery measures. What sets this solution apart from classic security measures is the rapid and simple deployment as well as the comprehensive consulting and service options at any time.

Workplace security is a top priority for all companies across industries. For example, digitalization of education, healthcare is in full swing and corresponding solutions that ensure IT security are in great demand. The ALSO Workplace Security Solution ensures that people can work together fluently in real time without any possible loopholes that could jeopardize sensitive data.

Added value for ALSO partners

Show your customers what you can do! With the Workplace Security Solution from ALSO, you can position yourself as a trusted service provide that your customers can rely on. Take the opportunity to simply expand your portfolio in the area of IT security and expand your strategic business or go one step further and offer your customers the solution as a managed service. Contact us and let us find you the best solution.

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