The solution in a nutshell: Successful collaboration is part of an integral strategy maintaining business continuity, and with ALSO Collaboration 4.0 Solution, you can ensure effective communication across teams, geographies and time zones.

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The end customer profile

Target segment: Cross-industry

Target group: Office workstations, remote work hubs, meeting rooms, home offices, think tanks

Behind the scenes

The components of the solution

Vendors: Microsoft, Poly, HP Inc., Jabra, Logitech, Barco, Bose, Samsung, Iiyama and many more.

Products: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, Jabra Evolve, Poly Studio USB, Barco CX-50, and many more.

Services: Installation, support, financing concepts, WaaS, device management


  • Effectively Communicate across locations and time-zones
  • More flexibility through location-independent working
  • Improved efficiency and increased productivity among employees
  • Cost savings through reduced travel and office costs

Possible applications

Since 2020, we have made significant progress in making hybrid working efficient. Many companies had to act responsibly and quickly in order to do their part to protect the community without losing sight of their day-to-day business. The transformation of internal and external collaboration was accelerated enormously. Where Modern Workplaces and Smart Meeting Rooms have not been an issue so far, the need for action has increased accordingly. The fact is, even after the pandemic, offices will become more hybrid, flexible and sustainable in the future. We are in the midst of this transformation and transitional concepts must now evolve into fully-fledged solutions in order to keep pace with general developments.

Who benefits from this solution and in what way?

Managing Directors

provide employees the tools they need to meet the challenges of the day and maintain business continuity even in exceptional situations while reducing costs.

IT Department

no longer have to spend hours on setting up IT equipment and can enjoy the use of state-of-the-art, intuitive hardware that is certified for use with collaboration software.


are enabled to collaborate more easily and share knowledge more effectively, while the increased flexibility offers them additional new opportunities.

The ALSO Collaboration 4.0 solution in detail

Most companies are certain that mobile workplaces and digital conferencing tools will remain an integral part of the daily work routine in the future. With the ALSO Collaboration 4.0 Solution, you can have holistic systems that are flexible and can be adapted to the size of the meeting rooms or the conditions in the home office. We have chosen Microsoft Teams as the focus solution, since most of the hardware is already pre-configured and compatible with Microsoft Teams and this enables a smooth user experience. Of course, other software can also be integrated into the solution package.

Do you know which combination of software and hardware fits your customer needs the best? We have created exemplary workstations and meeting rooms that show which equipment is needed according to the specific business needs. These range from mobile solutions with conference equipment on a rolling stand that can be moved between rooms to premium equipment with a camera, speaker tracking and the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S for collaborative work. There are no limits to creativity in planning and we will be happy to support you in finding out the most suitable solutions.

The ALSO Collaboration 4.0 solution is made up of four variable building blocks that combine hardware, software, and services so that you can offer your customers a holistic solution.

Building blocks of the collaboration 4.0 solution

Modern workplace

  • Collaboration software e.g. Microsoft 365 incl. MS Teams
  • Notebook incl. docking station
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Headset
  • Camera
  • Optional: Hard-/Softphone
  • Optional: Microsoft Surface Hub S2 for collaborative work in the office

Smart Meeting Room

  • Collaboration software e.g. Microsoft Teams/Teams Room System
  • Display(s)/projectors incl. Screens
  • Video conferencing or
  • Camera, soundbar, microphone
  • If applicable Teams Rooms System Hardware
  • Optional: Microsoft Surface Hub S2 for collaborative work during meetings
  • Optional: Wireless video conferencing solutions
  • Optional: Digital door signage

Complementary services

  • Workplace as a Service/Meeting Room as a Service
  • Financing models
  • Installation/Assembly Service
  • Monitoring & Support Services
  • Device Management & Rollout
  • Software licenses such as MS365 or Teams space licenses
  • Remarketing of the old equipment
  • Certified data erasure

Complementary ALSO solutions

  • Workplace security solutions
  • Cloud solutions
  • Time recording solution
  • Smart room management/signage solution

How do users benefit from this solution?

IT solutions need to fit the individual business needs. ALSO Collaboration 4.0 Solution with its flexible structure is the easiest way to offer tailormade modern communication solutions and companies get exactly what they need. Cross-teams collaboration - even hybrid - is not only promoted but also simplified, resulting in optimal knowledge transfer within the company. Web-based interaction is also easier for many people, to keep up the team spirit, even at challenging times.

Reliable collaboration solutions are needed to maintain business continuity. The education system benefits from the far-reaching relevance of collaboration solutions to enable efficient virtual teaching and learning. Likewise, healthcare sector needs a location-independent and secure way of staying in face-to-face contact with relatives or friends in healthcare facilities when in-person visits are not possible for various reasons.

We have multiple solutions available to supplement the Collaboration 4.0 Solution to meet the specific needs of the customer. For example, our Workplace Security Solution, the Time & Attendance Solution, our Smart Meeting Room Solution, or all Cloud Solutions can be integrated with the Collaboration 4.0 approach to provide holistic solutions. Please feel free to contact us directly!

Added value for ALSO partners

With the ALSO Collaboration 4.0 Solution, you can help your customers to meet their needs for effective collaboration and you don't need any additional technical expertise to offer this solution. To ensure the best customer experience, you can offer your customers complementary products, services and support.

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