The solution in a nutshell: With the ALSO Smart Licensing Solution you can realise around 28% savings potential for your Microsoft licence costs by simply scaling down running licences while your employees are away.


The end customer profile

  • Sector: all Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 & Office 365 licence customers
  • Area: all ALSO Cloud Marketplace customers with approx. 50 employees/licences or more

Behind the scenes:

Solution components

  • Vendors: aConTech GmbH, Microsoft, ALSO
  • Products: ILiaaS, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, ALSO Cloud Marketplace
  • Services: Licensing advice

Value added

  • Individual optimization of the "pay-as-you-go" model
  • Cost savings of up to 28 %
  • Day-by-day billing reduces the individual licence costs enormously

Possible applications

The absence of Staff is part of day-to-day business. We have developed the ALSO Smart Licensing solution to ensure that this happens without unnecessary costs until everyone is back at their desk. As soon as it is noted in the system that a user licence is not being used to its full extent - for whatever reason - it is possible to scale it down in a "one-click" manner. If employees need quick access within their absence, for example, licences can be returned to their original status just as quickly. No loss of workflow, no cumbersome and time-consuming change processes. In any case, the logical result is cost reductions for individual Microsoft/Office365 licences. For the intended target group - customers with more than 50 licences - this has a noticeable impact.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Managing directors

For the managing directors, the enormous cost-saving potential can open up other options for investment and further development.

It managers

It managers can increase budgets for core processes.


Admins enjoy maximum flexibility.

Human resources

Human resources department can enjoy optimised work management after only a short time of using the solution.

The ALSO Smart Licensing Solution in detail

The composition of the Smart Licensing Solution is comparatively simple and yet brings with it enormous potential: the three components ALSO Cloud Marketplace (ACMP), Microsoft O365/M365 and ILiaaS from aConTech are enough to give corporate licence management a new, friendlier face.

This ALSO solution makes it easy: Provisioning, booking and even billing of iLiaaS are done centrally via the ACMP. As an aside, the growing demand for cloud services can be confidently met with this solution.

In addition to the individual definition of absences (weekends, holidays, holiday, etc.), ILiaaS itself offers extensive monitoring including evaluations of savings and benefits by employees. In this way, the solution can be optimally adapted to the individual needs of the company at any time. Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 are the only exclusively compatible products.

Why pay the full licence costs 365 days a year when you can do it with a perfect fit?

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

With ALSO's Smart Licensing Solution, users' licence costs can be optimised with minimal effort. The current status of each licence is always transparently visible via an intuitive dashboard. On all 147 days per year on which employees are absent due to illness, weekends or public holidays, licences are automatically reset to the smallest possible variant. There is no easier way to save money.

Thinking ahead

The significant savings allow your customer to invest in higher quality or additional products.

Added value for ALSO partners

Where previously mainly enterprise agreements concluded directly through Microsoft had dominated, ALSO partners can secure a full competitive edge with this solution. In the same move, partners cleverly expand their service offering in the form of in-depth consulting scenarios regarding Microsoft licensing, thus giving their customers a good feeling about this dynamic solution. Added to this is the expansion of flexibility both at service level and in invoicing, which benefits ALSO partners and customers. So, this solution is a clear must-have for your partner portfolio, right?

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