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Smart logistics processes with Dolly+


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Since its founding in 1998, ALSO partner Cyberport has developed into one of the most successful retailers for consumer electronics throughout Europe. With a portfolio that includes a wide range of branded products, logistics is particularly relevant. To ensure that deliveries to the stores run smoothly and securely, Cyberport relies on the latest technology - including a solution from the ALSO Solutions Business: Dolly+, the Smart & Secure Trolley.

Notebooks, smartphones, PC accessories or home cinema systems - when it comes to transporting high-quality goods, special attention is required. Cyberport supplies its 16 stores via an extensive forwarding network. In some cases, the goods are trans-shipped several times. The ALSO Smart & Secure Trolley Dolly+ prevents the risk of damage to goods with a combination of elec-tronic lock, real-time location tracking, a stable design and offers protection against unauthorized access..

Extensive test phase

The ALSO Solutions Business Team, Cyberport Store Management and Logistics Administration agreed on a test phase in mid-2020 - initially lasting three months - to evaluate the use of the Dolly+. Due to the Corona-related closure of the stores, ALSO unceremoniously extended the test phase to almost six months. In addition to the selection of suitable stores, all colleagues were given instruction in the web application of the solution and in the handling of the trolley itself thorough virtual sessions. In the meantime 15 logistics employees are now working continuously with the smart transport containers.

Which specific improvements could be made through the use of Dolly+?

Improved security - No loss of goods was recorded during the entire pilot project, although break-in attempts were not-ed.

Increase transparency through the integrated location sensor. Cyberport can track where the trolleys are in transit at any time and quickly inform the recipients about delays or deviations.

Digitalization in the warehouse/outgoing goods - Employees have found it particularly innovative and practical to oper-ate a loading aid with a handheld device. The PIN code for later opening in the stores is simply transmitted digitally to the colleagues on site.

Easier handling in the stores - The trolley is agile and easy to maneuver, which is a clear advantage especially in small storage areas compared to conventionally used flat pallets.

The time after the pilot project

Cyberport has decided to continue using Dolly+ after the good experiences and positive feedback from the employees during the pilot phase. The 15 trolleys are obtained flexibly via a transparent rental model. Since August 2021, Cyberport logistics has been in the 1-year practical phase. The regular exchange between the project participants ensures that the solution is constantly opti-mized - both sides benefit enormously from this. For example, ALSO is currently developing prototypes that do not require addi-tional drawers inside, so that Cyberport can optimally transport bulky goods.

The cooperation with Cyberport continues to offer a lot of potential in the future. For example, it would be possible to expand the delivery of goods with Dolly+ to further Cyberport shops and thus significantly increase the number of trolleys used.

So it remains exciting!

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