3D Printing Post Processing Solution

The solution in a nutshell: 3D printing post process creates a high-value finished product out of a 3D printed raw part.


3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is changing the way we produce parts and products – from a digital model by printing many separate layers to a final end use product.

The end customer profile

Sector: Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Dental, Electonics, Industrial, Manufacturing Tooling and Medical

Area: Research and development, prototyping and mass production using powder bed fusion (MJF, SLS) and/or extrusion (FDM, FFF) 3D printing technology

Behind the scenes:

Solution components

Vendors: Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), DyeMansion (DM), Girbau, Guyson

Products: AMT PostPro 3D, AMT PostPro DP, DM Powershot C, DM Powershot S, DM Powerfuse S, DM DM60, Girbau DY130, Guyson MultiBlast3D

Services: Technical installation and maintenance

Value added

  • Produce high-quality end use products
  • Solution for various industries
  • Geometry independent

3D Printing Post Processing in detail

The ALSO Solutions Business Managers 3D Printing specialise in identifying new business opportunities and developing solutions for individual requirements. The team not only provides support with the development of solutions businesses, but also accompanies extensive expansions right down to the smallest detail.

The 3D Printing Post Processing solution comes into play as soon as the pure 3D printing process is completed. Afterwards different post processing steps are required to receive a final end use product: cleaning, surfacing and/or dyeing.


bead blasting


blasting or vapour smoothing


blasting or vapour smoothing

These steps are very time-consuming if processed manually and therefore cost increasing. Using the 3D Printing Post Processing Solution of ALSO end customers can easily integrate an automated solution which will make the production of 3D printed parts faster, more effective and cheaper with a very high repeatability!

Possible applications

3D printing post processing solution is mainly requested for 3D printed parts where the surface and/or the color is significant for the customer!


e.g. customized interior


e.g. customized glasses


e.g. customized gripper


e.g. customized orthese

Who will benefit from this solution and how?


Optimization of operational costs.

Head of Production

Optimization and automization of processes.


Optimization of part quality and repeatabiliy.

Production staff

Automization and less workload.

Thinking ahead

ALSO partners benefit too!

Ideally, partners enhance their relationship with end customers by using the ALSO Business Solution and utilising the latest technology and business approaches.

  • Extension of the 3D printing portfolio „From the idea to the final product“
  • Generate additional business with existing customers
  • Deepening the customer relationship through installation, annual maintenance and support.

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