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Interesting presentations about solutions in areas such as cloud, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, virtualisation and artificial intelligence

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Focus topics

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You'll be able to enjoy interesting presentations about solutions in areas such as cloud, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, virtualization, and artificial intelligence and much more.


Protecting our digital world

Securing remote reality
Why companies fail at selling cybersecurity

Better call Paul
Why customers are choosing Security services over inhouse security technology investment

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Tomorrow's technology

The Power of the ALSO Ecosystem
Benefits of ALSO Technology Partner Program

Powerful tool at your service: ALSO’s webshop
Great features & new functions of the webshop which make a difference for channel partners

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New2Next Solutions

ALSO’s IoT solutions?
Innovative products non-stop!

The ALSO Solutions Stack
Joining forces with our partners to implement the most valuable solution for each customer.

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Remote reality

You don’t have to own the cinema to enjoy the movie
The as-a-Service model and Its benefits

You don’t have to be a filmstar to monetize the movie
How to make the most of each digital workplace

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Virtual fun & virtual work

Cloud Gaming: The next level in the gaming business
How to take advantage of the growth in cloud gaming adoption

Interactive streaming: the key to migrate any software to the cloud without upfront investments
Discover an easy and affordable way to bring any software or app to the cloud

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Enabling the Next Normal​
AI use cases for: increased online communications, remote working places analyzing video communications and increased online sales

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More next-level ideas for your New2Next! Our CTV keynotes are once again innovative and trendsetting. Join our first-class keynotes and learn more about the focus topics of 2021!

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Thinking and planning ahead while marketing and monetising ongoing trends is a crucial part of our economy. The ALSO ecosystem enables you to provide YOUR customers the best tools and solutions for the new and ‘Next Normal’.

The transition to a more digital life has led to a surge in remote activities that will stay. With digital platforms and groundbreaking technologies this remote world will become our next reality and change efficiency, security and quality of life for the better.

Join us at our second virtual Channel Trends+Visions, as we explore new tools and technologies which have the potential to become the next standards in IT.

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