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Mar 1, 2018 - Osnabr├╝ck

New Motorola prices for 03.04.2018

After more than 11 years, Motorola Solutions ended the established old-equipment take-back campaign "TradeIn or CashBack" in December 2017. You already received the first communication on this consistently valid action in October 2006.

With the old equipment withdrawals you had many years the opportunity to give your sales a valuable tool to the hand. Numerous partners have used this "price advantage" very strongly, thus many old devices have disappeared from the market.

The old equipment withdrawals have z.T. reduced in the last two years. Now the manufacturer Motorola Solutions intends to give you a new tool: a list price reduction from 03.04.2018. At the same time, the current market situation shows that a reduction of the list prices is necessary for devices of the MOTOTRBO DMR series.

Detailed information on device models and their price reduction can be found in the SEAMCOM Download Center New Motorola-Pricelist


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