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Feb 26, 2021 - Osnabrück

Broadband push-to-talk in a new dimension and the new TLK 150

Motorola Solutions has enriched its broadband push-to-talk service WAVE, now called WAVE PTX, with numerous features and a new mobile radio, the Motorola TLK 150.

The highlights:

  • Multimedia features and live streaming
  • Huge selection of possible end devices thanks to the mobile app
  • Connection of DMR or TETRA users
  • New TLK 150 WAVE PTX mobile radio

More than push-to-talk

In addition to voice communication at the touch of a button, Motorola Solutions offers WAVE PTX with numerous features that help to better manage mission or business-critical scenarios.

Multimedia content such as photos and videos can be exchanged in real time via broadband and Wi-Fi. It doesn't matter which end device or radio technology is used to connect users to the WAVE-PTX service. WAVE PTX can be used on the following devices:

via any Android or iOS smartphone,

via the specially developed TLK series radios by Motorola Solutions and

via PCs and tablets.

New TLK-150 vehicle unit

The new TLK 150 radio was developed for use in vehicles and allows operation via a single button. Thanks to optional accessories ranging from a simple PTT microphone to a complete hands-free solution, communication in vehicles can be made even easier and safer.

The Motorola Solutions TLK-150 supports 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and is also Bluetooth® capable. It is also locatable and supports GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, among others.

Here you can find the TLK 150 in our shop.

Here you can find the data sheet for the TLK 150.

Live streaming and integration of DMR and TETRA

WAVE PTX also includes features like group text and location sharing. A powerful video streaming feature allows mobile users to access live video at the touch of a button. This allows more people to follow critical events in real time.

Organizations that rely on digital radio such as DMR or TETRA can connect their existing narrow-band system to WAVE PTX to expand network coverage and functionality. This allows traditional radio users to communicate with WAVE PTX users.

WAVE PTX consulting from SEAMCOM

Are you interested in WAVE PTX? Then contact our WAVE PTX experts at info@seamcom.de.


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